The XBRL Foundation Certificate program is an introductory online training and examination process that will prepare you to better understand the use of structured data to meet business reporting objectives. Online learning lets you take things at your own pace and review more challenging materials as necessary. Hundreds of people around the world have taken and passed the exam.

What does the XBRL Foundation Certificate Program cover?

The online training is split into five discrete modules that take the learner progressively through the curriculum.  Presented as a roundtable meeting between various XBRL stakeholders (regulators, filers, and solution providers) each module contains review sections and a quiz to allow candidates to assess their knowledge and progress.

  • The importance, benefits and challenges of electronic reporting
  • The basic principles of using XBRL for enhanced reporting
  • Key technical aspects including XBRL architecture, taxonomies and different specifications
  • The impact of XBRL on data collection, validation, use and analysis,

How do I get started?

What can I expect?

  • The Course – The course is approximately 10 hours of instruction, followed by a one-hour exam. Many students, especially those with little or no prior experience with XBRL, find it helpful to repeat some of the more technical sections before sitting for the exam.
  • Support – Learners have a dedicated support team for technical questions, reachable at The XII staff is also available to answer your questions by e-mailing
  • The Exam – Upon finishing the course you will be provided materials to register for and take your exam. The XII Foundation Certificate is a proctored exam, meaning you must be supervised while you take it. The proctor can be someone in your company (not your immediate supervisor) or an online proctor supplied by us. Once you pass the course, your name will be listed on our website and you will receive a certificate and a lapel pin.

Who’s it for?

This introductory training and certification is aimed at business, accounting, government and regulatory professionals. It provides grounding in the concepts needed to leverage XBRL in your working life. It provides only general introductory materials for developers and software professionals, but many have found it a very useful way of understanding the business and technology context of the standard.

What’s Next?

XBRL International is currently planning higher level certification programs covering a variety of topics, as well as a certification for XBRL software and solutions.


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